Petrovice u Karvine: 2nd Annual District Fire Brigade Competitions for Youth

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Add Comment
Saturday, November 7 belonged in Petrovice near Karvina the fire sport. Here in the gym your strength measured youngest firefighters and firewomen. It competed in two events. Relay node pairs and relay. This year, in addition to the medals for the first time fighting as well as traveling cups. In the category of younger pupils in third place adjacent Detmarovice. The second place occupied Karvina Borders and first place in conjunction with the Challenge Cup won by the young firefighters from Skrecon. In the category of older pupils are finally in third place rejoiced second team from Karvina Borders. Defects from home this year, failed to defend last year's victory and thus had to settle for second place. Challenge Cup firsts and carved out the first team from Karvina Borders and the young firefighters Karviná thus became the most successful team of the competition.

TJ Ostrava: Grand Prix in Ostrava

Thursday, October 01, 2015 Add Comment
In the sports complex Physical Training in Ostrava to Sunday, September 27 on the mat during the fifteenth Grand Prix in Ostrava they weigh their forces young judoka.

TJ Ostrava: International Volleyball Tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015 Add Comment
Prepare for the new year major league's volleyball became an international tournament in Ostrava Cup 2015. The lobby Physical Training in Ostrava Saturday, September 19 from 10 am introduced besides the domestic unit also teams from Prerov, and Prostejov Lodz, Poland.

TJ Ostrava: Juventus CUP

Thursday, September 24, 2015 Add Comment
Ways to attract young people to the sport is a lot. One of them are even tournaments in beach sports, which in the area of Varna on the street for 4 year organizes TJ Ostrava called Juventus Cup. Ostrava Beach Centre is among one of the most beautiful resorts of its kind in the Czech Republic. This year's edition was certainly not the last.

Kozlovice: football MINI CUP 2015 Merkovice

Saturday, June 27, 2015 Add Comment

Traditional football tournament, called Mini Cup started on Saturday 27th June. The event was organized by Volunteer firefighters Měrkovice, with the financial support of Kozlovice a series of small sponsors.

Reportage: Kozlovice: fotbalový MINI CUP 2015 v Měrkovicích